All dimensions are given, so is the material

 part drawing There are four pins required to be machined (and programmed) All dimensions are given, so is the material The

de signer of this part has cho sen one ge neric draw ing rather than four in di vid ual draw ings In a

sense, the de signer has ap proached the pro ject as a fam ily of parts – the same what the pro gram –

mer will do All four pins are sim i lar – they share sev eral char ac ter is tics In all, there are seven

dimensions spec i fied Two of these di men sions are fixed, the other five are vari able All di men –

sions pro vided are cor rect and will make the part as shown For ex am ple, there will al ways be a

flat shoul der face be tween the two ra di uses This and sim i lar ob ser va tions are very im por tant to

find out be fore the macro is even started

Ob jec tive of the Macro

CNC drilling Machine for Flange

The sin gle most im por tant ob jec tive of the macro is to de sign it in such a way that all four pins

in the se ries (and pos si bly oth ers) can use a sin gle part pro gram – so they can be ma chined just by

chang ing the as sign ments busbar fabrication of the G65 ar gu ments (vari ables) in the main pro gram Be fore the ob –

jec tive can be met, a few tech no log i cal de ci sions have to be made The first of them is to de cide on

the part setup and the method of ma chin ing the part

Part Setup, Tooling and Ma chin ing Method

The way the job is setup has to be con sid ered to gether with the way it will be ma chined Se lec –

tion of one method of ten in flu ences the other Ma chin ing method in flu ences the tool ing se lec tion

The draw ing iden ti fies the ma te rial as mild steel sup plied as a bar of hydraulic press manufacturers the same di am e ter copper busbar processing machine for all

parts (脝50 mm) For the pur poses of macro de vel op ment, these con di tions have been es tab lished:


Part zero at the front of the fin ished face

X0 = man da tory cen ter line


Min i mum face cut (< 05 mm)

sin gle cut


Only one tool is used – T1 with wear off set 1

pro gram can eas ily be changed to two tools


Spin dle speed and feedrates do not change


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