Calculation of Pilot Ratio of Balance Valve

Calculation of Pilot Ratio of Balance Valve

Application Notes

Balancing valve can achieve balance protection control of the cylinder, in the case of tubing burst and leakage protection play a role.

The work of the counterbalance valve is not affected by the back CNC Steel pipe welding machine  pressure, when the valve port pressure rises, also can make the spool maintain a stable opening. Usually in the loop can also play an overflow protection. Commonly used to control the proportion of the system.

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The counterbalance valve is preferably located near the cylinder so that it functions maximally.

Single-balanced valves control linear motion loads, such as: high-altitude lifting platform, crane and twist

The double-balanced and then control the reciprocating busbar machine and rotary motion load, such as: wheel motor or in the cylinder.

Pilot ratio

3: 1 (standard) for the load changes in a large state and engineering machinery load

Of the stability.

8: 1 applies to the load requirements to maintain a constant state.

working principle

The one-way valve section allows the free flow of pressure oil into the cylinder while preventing reverse flow of the oil. The pilot section, after establishing the pilot pressure, can control the movement. The pilot section is normally set to normally open and the pressure set to 1.3 times the value of the load, but the opening of the valve cnc ring machine is determined by the pilot ratio. For optimal load control and different power applications, different pilot ratios should be chosen. Confirm the opening pressure value of the valve and the pressure value of the cylinder moving, according to the following formula:

Pilot ratio = [(relief pressure setting) – (load pressure)] / pilot pressure

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Balance valve of the pilot ratio is also called the pilot pressure than the English general pilot ratio is the balance valve spring is set to a fixed value, the balance valve in the pilot oil is 0, the reverse opening pressure and pilot oil balance valve The ratio of pilot pressure values ​​at reverse opening. Different workplace and environment, the choice of the pressure ratio is not the same, simple in the load, outside the case of small interference generally Multi Spindle Drilling Machine choose a large ratio of liquid control, which can reduce the pilot pressure value, energy saving. In the load disturbance, easy vibration of the occasion generally choose a smaller pressure ratio, to ensure that the pilot pressure fluctuations will not cause frequent vibration of the balance spool.

There is a hydraulic control than the parameters of the balance valve is generally plug-in balance valve, requires a load limit protection circuit function, to reverse the lock time, if the pressure rises a lot to open the overflow from the role. This balance valve is divided into open and close the center of the balance valve.

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