Common Inspection Method for Failure of CNC Feeder

When the CNC machine alarm, maintenance personnel in no hurry to deal with, and should be observed and tested to find the correct fault location, commonly used diagnostic methods are generally under the punch manufacturers:

1, intuitive method

Sensory organs, note CNC feeder fault phenomena, such as failure without sparks, lights, abnormal noise, the smell of abnormal heating and anxiety charred. Careful observation of the surface condition of each printed circuit board, there may be failures, no signs of burning and damage, in order to further narrow the scope of inspection, which is the most basic and most common method.

2, self-diagnostic function system

Can rely on the numerical control system to carry on the fast processing to the data, to multipath, the fast signal gathering and the processing, through the diagnosis procedure logic analysis and the judgment, judges whether has the system breakdown, carries on the fault localization promptly. Self – diagnosis Function of Modern Digital Control System

3, data and status checks

The self-diagnosis of CNC system can not only display the fault alarm information on the display, but also check the parameters and status information, common data and status check interface in the form of “diagnosis address” and “diagnosis data”.

4, the alarm indicator shows fault

In addition to the self-diagnostic function and status display “software” alarm and many “hardware” alarm indicators, they are distributed in the power supply, servo drive, and input and output devices, according to the alarm light can determine the cause of the malfunction.

Under normal circumstances, the full investigation of the fault site, to understand the cause of the malfunction, to correct the maintenance of CNC machine tools to solve the problem of failure.

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