d and tested again, al ways from scratch!

d and tested again, always from scratch!

With more ex pe ri ence, an other way to de sign a smooth pro gram flow is to es tab lish so called

pseudo-code, which is a com mon method by many soft ware pro gram mers Pseudo-code is a very

tight and de tailed pro ce dure, writ ten in nor mal lan guage, that se quen tially lists ev ery step and all

steps of what has to be done It is not as con ve nient method as a flowchart, but it does work



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In stan dard CNC pro gram ming, many pro gram mers count on the de faults of the con trol sys tem

and do not in clude many pro gram codes, par tic u larly the pre pa ra tory G-codes cnc machine manufacturers For ex am ple, they

count on the de fault units sys tem and do not in clude the G20 or G21 com busbar sawing machine mands in the pro gram

The same may ap ply to the G90 or G91 com mands, and a num ber of oth ers In mac ros, al ways

keep in mind that all de ci sions have to be re flected in the macro – never take any thing for granted,

and never count on sys tem de faults



This is the stage that places the macro code on pa per, in the con trol, or in the com puter file Its

pur pose is to de velop the ac tual pro gram Data in the flowchart or in the pseudo-code is used, in

the same or der, with the same logic, and con verted into the Fanuc macro code It is im por tant to

doc u ment ev ery macro – good doc u men ta tion is not enough – only a first class doc u men ta tion will

do Doc u ment ing the macro is not just aimed at the CNC op er a tor, it is a per ma nent doc u ment

avail able to any pro gram mer who may work with the macro Pro ce dure that is clear hydraulic press manufacturers to day will

fade away in a very short time Doc u men ta tion can be in ter nal, in the form of com ment ing each

block, or ex ter nal, with de scrip tions in plain lan guage Equally im por tant, ac tu ally very im per a –

tive, is to pre serve all cur rent pro gram set tings be fore a macro is ex e cuted, change the set tings

within the macro as needed, and re store the orig i nal set tings be fo

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