Does the solenoid valve affect the use of the punch?

Does the solenoid valve affect the use of the punch? Solenoid valve failure will directly affect the normal use of the punch Drilling Machine for Plate, solenoid valve is not action This is the most common failure of the solenoid valve, IPM teach you to solve. 1, check the electronic valve is leak. Leakage can cause insufficient air pressure, making the forced opening of the valve difficult, usually due to damage to the gasket or slide valve wear and the formation of cavities caused by the cavity. In this case,

2, check the solenoid valve wiring head is loose or thread is off, check the solenoid valve is powered, by tightening the thread to solve. In this case, 3, check the solenoid valve is stuck. 4, the solenoid valve coil is damaged, you can remove the solenoid valve wiring, with a multimeter to test, if the test results for the open tube drilling machine, then the solenoid valve coil damage angle steel bender.

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