eeds and feedrates Keep in mind

eeds and feedrates Keep in mind

that the more vari able data is in cluded, the more pow er ful the para met ric pro gram or the macro

be comes On the neg a tive side, it will take lon ger to de velop and ver ify such a pro gram

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Chapter 18


CNC drilling Machine


Once the in for ma tion is col lected, iden tify and or ga nize the data into co her ent units De cide

what lo cal vari ables will have to be de fined as ar gu ments in the G65 com mand block Do not in –

clude data that can be cal cu lated In clude data that can be read from the draw ing, even if they are

not needed di rectly For ex am ple, macro may need a cir cle ra dius for cal cu la tion, but the draw ing

spec i fies a di am e ter Rather than ask busbar sawing machine ing for the ra dius in put as an ar gu ment, sup ply the di am e ter,

then di vide it by two in the macro body Watch for en tries that re quire dec i mal point and/or neg a –

tive val ues Use rel e vant and mne monic vari able as sign ments if pos si ble, for ex am ple A (#1) for

an an gle in put, R (#18) for a ra dius in put, and so on This is not al ways pos si ble, but some are better than none Al ways doc u ment the mean ing of all vari ables – easy to for get later!



A flowchart def i nitely helps at this stage of macro de vel op ment Many pro gram mers con sider

the flowchart de vel op ment a man da tory step, even in sist on it All the pro gram ming aids avail able

in a macro, such as loop ing, con di tional test ing, branch ing, de ci sion mak ing, etc, can be rep re –

sented graph i cally, in a flowchart Once the flowchart is de signed, test it sev eral times, us ing dif –

fer ent in put con copper busbar processing machine di tions and de ci sions The macro should work drilling machine suppliers in all in stances Do not be afraid to

test seem

ingly im



ble or im



ble con


tions When the flowchart logic fails and the

flowchart is cor rect, the macro needs to be re de signe


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