IPM CNC turret punch press safe operating procedures different

1 operator must undergo specialized training, punch the strict examination and certification, postoperative, the rest of the staff does not allow the operation.

2 punch computer floppy disk must be dedicated disk,

3 Fixed parameters do not need to be modified

4 machine began to carefully review the screen information, such as warnings, punch immediately investigate the cause, can not be excluded in the future plans

5 punch safety inspection equipment, work can not have any debris

6 machine work, to carefully check the program, punch to see whether the corresponding number of stations and death

7 installation and replacement of mold position must be correct, press mold angle and direction must be consistent, and strengthen. No debris on the left side of the turret

8 of the device operation, punch can not stay in the table, do not pick the object

9, the workpiece clamping parts, to prevent injury to threaten the prison. Processing must be consistent.

10 Strict equipment overload operation

11 punch in the specified time inspection and lubricating oil lubrication points

12 punch is the most important point in the operation of the equipment must be carefully read before the relevant procedures.

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