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precision punching, high-quality presses, professional punch manufacturers IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, continuously improves the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff busbar punching machine, confirms the quality target and the principle of compliance, and ensures the advanced position and reliability of IPM precision punching machine in the market competition angle work machine. Zhuhai precision punching eccentric load to maintain the accuracy of the center distance from the expansion of the two pillar support, eccentric load, slider load side column stiffness and accuracy and curse excellence.

The guide way is a double column for curse-oriented, the length extends to the material line position, can directly accept the horizontal component of processing, to high-speed high-precision machining. Company production of high-quality presses plate drilling machine, low-cost presses, IPM punch is your trusted professional punch manufacturer, please call to discuss: info@ipmmc.com

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an international precision punch manufacturing enterprises Welding adjustable stand, with many well-known enterprises and more than 15 years of experience in cooperation. With advanced technology and equipment and excellent management, has maintained a precision punch industry leading position. The company’s existing punch and peripheral products supporting nearly 30 species, can meet your stamping equipment one-stop shopping. All over the country more than 30 service outlets, at any time to provide you with the fastest and most intimate of services sheet metal fabrication. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition Metal Marking Machines. Company’s main products: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging press.

precision punch models pneumatic punch price

precision punch models pneumatic punch price – Shenzhen large – scale punch production plant In this case drill machine online buy, First angle bender, the quality of the crankshaft itself. In this case, The crankshaft itself heat treatment is not done, the hardness is too large, in the course of a long run may break. Crankshaft material is in terms of the other overload system has no role is also critical, and some plant overload system has problems, the boss in order to save maintenance costs is reluctant to repair, so when the overload caused no buffer protection cnc drilling machine for flange. In this case, In this case, Second, by external resistance is too large, more than the capacity of the crankshaft. In this case, This situation is generally not because the required operation, the bottom dead center punch over the label, which led to obstruction force is too large, off the crankshaft.

Anyway, once the punch crankshaft fracture, the operator must stop, can not run, so that manufacturers replace the maintenance, no other way, this maintenance, the user is no tool to deal with. In this case, Precision punch off the crankshaft for many reasons, usually due to metal fatigue, stress caused by uneven, over-pressure should be overloaded to understand whether the material used in crankshaft specifications, both ends of the force is uniform, the clutch brake is abnormal. If so, please find professionals with dynamic accuracy of the instrument to check the dynamic accuracy, analysis of the problem.

precision punch 6000-8000 hours of maintenance

precision punch 6000-8000 hours of maintenance 1. Serrated connecting rod disassembly, cleaning and maintenance, check the saw teeth and connecting rod thread occlusion and wear conditions, and polishing, grinding occlusal surface and apply grease. 2. Slide assembly (ball seat, charge cover. Overloaded hydraulic cylinder hydraulic metal hole punch, worm, worm, etc.) Demolition decomposition Drilling and Sawing Line, cleaning and maintenance shearing machine, clearance adjustment and wear surface, oil seal inspection and re-apply grease. 3. Mold pad disassembly and cleaning and inspection of the wear surface and re-apply grease after assembly test.

Wrong step on the button switch 17-year-old boy risk their lives

Some time ago to work in Anhui 17-year-old boy Shen small army (a pseudonym) bent over picking up things, inadvertently use the foot switch to step on the press start, and leaning on the left hand of the punch just on the gear … … gear moment, The left hand of the three fingers were cut root. Fortunately, the reaction of workers was neat, and soon the fingers wrapped around and sent to the hospital, the final three fingers are connected. Last night, the Shenyang Military Region General Hospital orthopedic surgeon Liang Jiulong said that although the future small army left hand function may be affected custom drilling machine, but if recovered well may not affect.

For such an accident is not uncommon, go out is to earn some money to support the family more difficult, if it is also worthless to take on life, no matter what the situation should put the first security. Xiaobian here to introduce you to a set of security rules for punching: Safe operation: Punch has many different types copper busbar machine, there are many different requirements in the processing, the operator should first according to the actual processing conditions to develop a targeted, practical and reliable safety procedures, and in strict accordance with the provisions of operating. The most basic safety operation will have such requirements: first check before starting the equipment control parts, clutches, brakes and other effective state, check the safety protection device intact; check the crank slider body with or without abnormalities Roller Stand, is strictly prohibited equipment operation; Before the formal operation, it is necessary to have an empty operation phase to ensure that the equipment can be put into normal production. Before the operation, the workbench will be cleaned up and the necessary tools will be ready. During the equipment operation, the surrounding people will not be allowed. Should immediately turn off the power to restore the clutch to the operator state, the brake is in the braking state; punch need maintenance, maintenance, should turn off the power, and start the switch at the warning signs.

Details of the difference between ordinary punching precision punching

What is punching? What is precision punching and ordinary stamping: Punching is the use of conventional or special punching equipment, power, so that the sheet directly in the mold by the deformation force and deformation, resulting in a certain shape, size and performance of the production of parts technology. Sheet metal, mold and equipment are three elements of stamping. Stamping is a cold deformation of metal processing methods. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, referred to as stamping. It is a metal plastic processing (or pressure processing) one of the main methods, but also under the material forming engineering technology. Stamping used by the stamping die known as mold, referred to as die. Die is the material (metal or non-metallic) batch processing into the required pieces of special tools. Die in the stamping is essential, there is no dies to meet the requirements of bulk stamping production is difficult to carry out; no advanced die, advanced stamping process can not be achieved.

Punching process and mold, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping, only they can be drawn with each other stamping parts. Compared with other methods of machining and plastic processing, stamping has many unique advantages in terms of technology as well as economy. Mainly as follows. (1) stamping processing of high production efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. This is because the stamping is to rely on stamping die and stamping equipment to complete the processing, general presses the number of strokes per minute up to dozens of times, high-speed pressure to hundreds of times per minute or even more than a thousand times, and each stamping stroke on May get a punch. (2) stamping due to the mold to ensure the stamping parts of the size and shape accuracy Angle Drilling machine, and generally do not damage the surface quality of stamping parts, and die life is generally longer, so stamping quality and interchangeability is good, with ‘exactly the same’ Characteristics. (3) stamping can be processed out of the larger size range Steel Punching, the shape of the more complex parts, such as a small stopwatch to the clock, large automotive stringers, panels, etc., plus stamping material cold deformation hardening effect, stamping strength and Stiffness are higher. (4) stamping generally no chips and scrap material generated, less material consumption, and no other heating equipment, which is a province of material, energy-saving processing methods, stamping parts of the lower cost. As the stamping has such advantages, stamping processing in a wide range of national economy in a wide range of applications. For example, in the aerospace, aviation, military, machinery, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railway, telecommunications, transportation, chemical, medical equipment, household appliances and light industry and other departments have stamping processing.

Not only the entire industry have used it, and each person directly with the stamping products in contact. Like aircraft, trains, cars, tractors there are many large, medium and small stamping parts. Car body, frame and rims and other parts are stamping out. According to the survey statistics, bicycles, sewing machines, watches, 80% of stamping parts; TV, tape recorders, camcorders, there are 90% of stamping parts; there are food metal shell, steel boilers, pots and enamel bowl stainless steel tableware Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment, All using the stamping die processing products; even the computer hardware is also the lack of stamping parts. However, the stamping die used in general have a special nature, and sometimes a number of complex parts need to die processing to shape, and the mold manufacturing high precision, high technical requirements, is a technology-intensive products. Therefore, only in the stamping parts production of large quantities of the case, the advantages of stamping can be fully reflected in order to obtain better economic benefits. Precision punch with what characteristics In some metal sheet metal processing, precision punch has a wide range of applications, such as computers, home appliances, vehicles and some other products processing, in the next content will introduce the main features of precision punching what. The first point, since it has become a precision punch, then the high-precision certainly is not missing features, and precision punch frame is usually used steel, with high rigidity, is a high rigidity, high precision equipment . Second, the precision punch press transmission center can be consistent with the overall center of the machine, so the precision punch to the center of gravity can be more balanced, thus ensuring the accuracy and stability of stamping. Third, the precision punch is an environmentally friendly energy-saving machines, not only the appearance is relatively beautiful, but also can effectively reduce the noise issued, energy consumption is relatively small. The above is some of the main features of precision punching machine, can be seen from the above content, precision punch design concept is more advanced, not only has better machine performance, and reflects the environmental protection, energy conservation awareness, is in line with modern society Concept of machinery and equipment.

Of course, stamping there are some problems and shortcomings. Mainly in the stamping process noise and vibration generated two kinds of pollution, and the operator’s safety accidents occur. However, these problems are not entirely due to the stamping process and the mold itself brought, but mainly due to the traditional stamping equipment and backward manual operation caused. With the progress of science and technology, especially the development of computer technology, with the progress of electromechanical integration technology, these problems will be solved as soon as possible two perfect. Precision stamping generally can be called a molding, to minimize stamping after processing. Ordinary stamping is stamping, still need post-processing.

Structural Characteristics of Crankshaft of High – speed Precision Punch

High-speed precision punch crank shaft structure characteristics, high-speed precision punch is a crankshaft punch, the crankshaft as the active part, the crankshaft rotation into high-speed precision punch slide up and down reciprocating linear motion angle iron machine, crankshaft The connecting rod is connected with the big head hole of the connecting rod, the small head hole of the connecting rod is connected with the slide block, the upper mold is mounted on the slide block, the lower mold is fixed on the lower worktable cushion plate, the slider drives the upper mold relative to the lower mold movement, On the die between the material to achieve stamping, so the crank shaft structure in the application of high-speed precision punch has a pivotal role.

The high-speed precision punch crank shaft to really run to use, the crank shaft must be installed on the drive gear and connected to the feed device on the pinion, the traditional drive gear and pinion fixed way: first set in the punch crankshaft And the corresponding key is set on the driving gear and the pinion, the positioning is carried out first, and then the connection between the crank shaft and the driving gear and the pinion is stepped, and the baffle is mounted on the crank axle by bolts The drive gear and pinion fixed, in this way, the installation of the pinion, demolition, maintenance is very troublesome, time-consuming and laborious, affecting work efficiency. High speed precision punching machine In response to this problem, a high speed precision punching machine is designed with a novel crank shaft structure consisting of a crank shaft, a driving gear and a pinion hole punching machine, in which the driving gear and the pinion are sequentially mounted on the crank shaft, The rear part of the gear is connected with the feeding device at the same time, and a groove is arranged on the crank shaft at the rear part of the pinion. The pinion is fixed by a high-speed precision punching machine at a circumferential position of the outer end of the connecting portion of the crank shaft and the pinion hydraulic angle cutting machine, and a retainer is stuck in the groove to make the pinion fixed, dismantled and repaired Convenient, simple, and save time and effort, improve work efficiency.

Punching stamping Machine speed and high precision

Punching Machines speed and high precision, in the actual production, basically belong to the automatic operation, if the feeding, removal of waste, feeding accuracy testing still use manual will reduce the production efficiency and accuracy, so often equipped with some auxiliary equipment to give full play to its performance punch , With the pinch machine, double oil machine, mold inspection and testing, the suction waste machine and five punch noise, Yuda machinery in five auxiliary equipment function, to provide our customers with optional installation according to their own needs.

1, holder: punch press speed, must be with the high-speed feed device, you can give full play to its efficient stamping performance, and clamping device with punching device ideal, of course, if the feed speed can not be too high, you can choose high-speed Roller feeder of me.

2, double oil machine: in the actual stamping process punch, used for lubrication and cooling needs in continuous mode, so need to add material double-sided oiling device at the entrance of the mold, double oil machine is designed for the production of oiling device, it can even So that a material coated with oil on both sides, you can make the material is not easy to scratch stamping, stamping die can be better lubrication. Special Note: The installation location of the double-decker oiling machine stamping die material between the exit and the entrance, but not in the feeder.
3, the mold inspection detector in: punching fast, the card material as a result of material fluctuations in a feeding arch feed material feeding process, not in time to prevent the punch may damage the punch mold, assembly detector die, it can monitor the situation in real time , In the presence of folder material, wave arch can immediately control punch off, protect the stamping die.

With the punch auxiliary equipment

4, suction waste machine: punching process, will produce a lot of small pieces, if not timely emissions not only affect the health of plants, once caught in the mold, it can make the product defective, causing serious damage to the mold, usually with suction waste Machine to absorb waste material, the actual use, only the need to manufacture and punch press panel landing funnel mouth size and suction pipe connected suction waste machine can be cleaned.

IPM CNC turret punch press safe operating procedures different

1 operator must undergo specialized training, punch the strict examination and certification, postoperative, the rest of the staff does not allow the operation.

2 punch computer floppy disk must be dedicated disk,

3 Fixed parameters do not need to be modified

4 machine began to carefully review the screen information, such as warnings, punch immediately investigate the cause, can not be excluded in the future plans

5 punch safety inspection equipment, work can not have any debris

6 machine work, to carefully check the program, punch to see whether the corresponding number of stations and death

7 installation and replacement of mold position must be correct, press mold angle and direction must be consistent, and strengthen. No debris on the left side of the turret

8 of the device operation, punch can not stay in the table, do not pick the object

9, the workpiece clamping parts, to prevent injury to threaten the prison. Processing must be consistent.

10 Strict equipment overload operation

11 punch in the specified time inspection and lubricating oil lubrication points

12 punch is the most important point in the operation of the equipment must be carefully read before the relevant procedures.

The oiling method and the processing mode of the punch press when installing the punch press

High-speed punch in the match mode with the implementation of high-speed stamping delivery, raw materials in continuous feeding, the mold and the material relative conflict will be great heat, then not only IPM punch punch punch will effect the quality of products, not to mention IPM punch will Greatly reducing the use of continuous mode of life, for this high-speed punch with the city on the double-sided oil supply to the material used in punching mold, the material appearance of double-sided oil, in order to play shrinkage friction and cooling cooling The benefits, but also from the root to protect the life of the punch die and ensure the quality of stamping products.

There are many varieties of double-sided oiler, there are many types of oil pump, the use of plastic oil pot, stainless steel oil pot, install the solenoid valve and electric to the pump, although a variety of different, but the difference is in the control of individual, to the oil part of the basic Discrimination, are the use of wool felt with a roller, so that material from the drum between the real impact of the oil effect is to install the local oil machine.

High-speed punch with the use of the oiler is not free to find a position before the mold can be installed to achieve the effect, the position is particularly true, or not only IPM punch not reach smooth effect, but also a direct impact on the stamping production . For example, a lot of stamping owners to high-speed presses installed in the oil machine, in order to facilitate, easy to install the oil machine will be installed in the feeding machine before the feed inlet, so that after the material into the feeder double-sided oil into the feeder, Will lead to the feed roller can not be pressed material, into the actual feeding is slipping, tilting, a direct impact on the feeding accuracy, and thus to the use of oil, the precise installation location becomes extra tension, tight machine in this brief high-speed punch Install the correct position of the oiling machine:

Double-sided feeder with CNC high-speed punch, the correct installation location is the feeder material discharge port (after the material plate) and the mold of the feed between the special defense to approach the punch mold rather than the feeder side, stagnation Stamping oil into the punch feeder, and the feeder out of the plate on the oil must be timely to clean up.
Before the use of punching stamping production, the first need to locate the mold, stamping industry is now commonly used in the form of positioning there are two, one is fixed in the punch mold two bolts, the installation of three positioning plate stamping processing positioning; Is in each punch molds are installed on a positioning ruler for positioning, the two positioning methods are in use are not a small drawbacks of life:

1, the treatment of positioning ruler, need to loosen the two fixed screw, need to re-fixed punch mold, which not only brings a lot of trouble to manipulate, but also affect the punch punch accuracy.

2, because the three positioning plate and the structure of the notice, in the actual stamping easy to be used by the impact of material migration, resulting in material processing size display deviation, so the need to loose bolts under regulation, it affects punching punching accuracy and accuracy.

3, in each punch mold are installed on a positioning scale, which not only to the punching mold processing to bring a greater amount of responsibility and the cost of a substantial supplement, but also to the punch mold construction inconvenience.

In order to fundamentally deal with the inconvenience of the existing punch die positioning problems, IPM CNC machine for punch presses arranged a new type of positioning scale, the blue of the occasion to use only loose adjustment bolt, the positioning scale with mold material can be transferred to the positioning scale , The complete structure is simple, easy to use, accurate positioning, to promote stamping production efficiency and product quality and other cheap, is the most desirable punch positioning method.
CNC machine tool developed by the new mold positioning device is fixed by the positioning scale, moving the main frame and adjust the bolt from the entangled, of which, the punching die positioning device moving the main frame by two adjustment bolts fixed on the right side of the press table, positioning scale fixed In the right main chute of the main frame, when loosening the two adjusting bolts on the lower main chute, the positioning scale can be adjusted with the height of the punching die. Under the left and right mobile positioning, accurate positioning, proper.