punch to achieve automatic punching processing H-beam Steel Processing Machine

Punch | Hydraulic Punch | Foot Punch – Foshan Union Punch professional supplier To achieve automatic punching processing design In this case sheet metal punch, Hydraulic presses, the use of PLC position control mode drive servo motor, the transformation of the ordinary punch to achieve automatic punching processing H-beam Steel Processing Machine. Improve the work efficiency of the press, save manpower, especially to improve the positioning accuracy, the use of the PLC’s position control mode and high-resolution encoder to achieve precise control of the position to improve the precision punching parts, but also automatically Adjust the length of the workpiece to achieve the flexibility of punch processing.

In this case, System structure A general punch of a factory usually completely manual operation, some of the volume of steel material is stupid and heavy, processing is particularly inconvenient hydraulic busbar punching machine, and manual stamping speed is slow, precision is poor, so we use the PLC control AC servo motor, An automatic punching and feeding system was designed to shorten the processing time of the rolled steel material by 5 times, especially to improve the machining precision and save manpower.

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