Punching stamping Machine speed and high precision

Punching Machines speed and high precision, in the actual production, basically belong to the automatic operation, if the feeding, removal of waste, feeding accuracy testing still use manual will reduce the production efficiency and accuracy, so often equipped with some auxiliary equipment to give full play to its performance punch , With the pinch machine, double oil machine, mold inspection and testing, the suction waste machine and five punch noise, Yuda machinery in five auxiliary equipment function, to provide our customers with optional installation according to their own needs.

1, holder: punch press speed, must be with the high-speed feed device, you can give full play to its efficient stamping performance, and clamping device with punching device ideal, of course, if the feed speed can not be too high, you can choose high-speed Roller feeder of me.

2, double oil machine: in the actual stamping process punch, used for lubrication and cooling needs in continuous mode, so need to add material double-sided oiling device at the entrance of the mold, double oil machine is designed for the production of oiling device, it can even So that a material coated with oil on both sides, you can make the material is not easy to scratch stamping, stamping die can be better lubrication. Special Note: The installation location of the double-decker oiling machine stamping die material between the exit and the entrance, but not in the feeder.
3, the mold inspection detector in: punching fast, the card material as a result of material fluctuations in a feeding arch feed material feeding process, not in time to prevent the punch may damage the punch mold, assembly detector die, it can monitor the situation in real time , In the presence of folder material, wave arch can immediately control punch off, protect the stamping die.

With the punch auxiliary equipment

4, suction waste machine: punching process, will produce a lot of small pieces, if not timely emissions not only affect the health of plants, once caught in the mold, it can make the product defective, causing serious damage to the mold, usually with suction waste Machine to absorb waste material, the actual use, only the need to manufacture and punch press panel landing funnel mouth size and suction pipe connected suction waste machine can be cleaned.

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