saving materials and energy Straightening Machines

Calculation of Punch Press and Punch Press Panyu press is a punching press. In the national production, the stamping process because of the traditional mechanical processing for saving materials and energy Straightening Machines, high efficiency. And most users only know how to operate the punch, but do not know the punch in the punch when the pressure how to calculate, IPM teach you how to calculate punch pressure: Calculate the pressure before we have to clear their own products used by the plate, the thickness of the product sheet, punching diameter. In the use of punch pressure algorithm, a reasonable count of the products to be processed punch pressure required.

The punch pressure algorithm is: perimeter \u0026 lt; plate thickness \u0026 gt; 50 x 1.3 \u0026 quot; 1000 = tonnage. \tSuch as: 1, red GB 304 stainless steel sheet, thick 1.5MM, side length 104MM, is the square, tons = 416 × 1.5 × 520 × 1.3 × 1000 = 42.1824, about 45 tons of punching force punch equipment! 2, cold-rolled plate Q235 custom metal fabrication, thickness 2.0, diameter 108mm; T = 108 × 3.14 × 2 × 40 × 1000 × 1.3 = A better understanding of the technical parameters and principles of punch angle steel cutter, you can pick to a pressure appropriate punch.

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