Structural Characteristics of Crankshaft of High – speed Precision Punch

High-speed precision punch crank shaft structure characteristics, high-speed precision punch is a crankshaft punch, the crankshaft as the active part, the crankshaft rotation into high-speed precision punch slide up and down reciprocating linear motion angle iron machine, crankshaft The connecting rod is connected with the big head hole of the connecting rod, the small head hole of the connecting rod is connected with the slide block, the upper mold is mounted on the slide block, the lower mold is fixed on the lower worktable cushion plate, the slider drives the upper mold relative to the lower mold movement, On the die between the material to achieve stamping, so the crank shaft structure in the application of high-speed precision punch has a pivotal role.

The high-speed precision punch crank shaft to really run to use, the crank shaft must be installed on the drive gear and connected to the feed device on the pinion, the traditional drive gear and pinion fixed way: first set in the punch crankshaft And the corresponding key is set on the driving gear and the pinion, the positioning is carried out first, and then the connection between the crank shaft and the driving gear and the pinion is stepped, and the baffle is mounted on the crank axle by bolts The drive gear and pinion fixed, in this way, the installation of the pinion, demolition, maintenance is very troublesome, time-consuming and laborious, affecting work efficiency. High speed precision punching machine In response to this problem, a high speed precision punching machine is designed with a novel crank shaft structure consisting of a crank shaft, a driving gear and a pinion hole punching machine, in which the driving gear and the pinion are sequentially mounted on the crank shaft, The rear part of the gear is connected with the feeding device at the same time, and a groove is arranged on the crank shaft at the rear part of the pinion. The pinion is fixed by a high-speed precision punching machine at a circumferential position of the outer end of the connecting portion of the crank shaft and the pinion hydraulic angle cutting machine, and a retainer is stuck in the groove to make the pinion fixed, dismantled and repaired Convenient, simple, and save time and effort, improve work efficiency.

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