The oiling method and the processing mode of the punch press when installing the punch press

High-speed punch in the match mode with the implementation of high-speed stamping delivery, raw materials in continuous feeding, the mold and the material relative conflict will be great heat, then not only IPM punch punch punch will effect the quality of products, not to mention IPM punch will Greatly reducing the use of continuous mode of life, for this high-speed punch with the city on the double-sided oil supply to the material used in punching mold, the material appearance of double-sided oil, in order to play shrinkage friction and cooling cooling The benefits, but also from the root to protect the life of the punch die and ensure the quality of stamping products.

There are many varieties of double-sided oiler, there are many types of oil pump, the use of plastic oil pot, stainless steel oil pot, install the solenoid valve and electric to the pump, although a variety of different, but the difference is in the control of individual, to the oil part of the basic Discrimination, are the use of wool felt with a roller, so that material from the drum between the real impact of the oil effect is to install the local oil machine.

High-speed punch with the use of the oiler is not free to find a position before the mold can be installed to achieve the effect, the position is particularly true, or not only IPM punch not reach smooth effect, but also a direct impact on the stamping production . For example, a lot of stamping owners to high-speed presses installed in the oil machine, in order to facilitate, easy to install the oil machine will be installed in the feeding machine before the feed inlet, so that after the material into the feeder double-sided oil into the feeder, Will lead to the feed roller can not be pressed material, into the actual feeding is slipping, tilting, a direct impact on the feeding accuracy, and thus to the use of oil, the precise installation location becomes extra tension, tight machine in this brief high-speed punch Install the correct position of the oiling machine:

Double-sided feeder with CNC high-speed punch, the correct installation location is the feeder material discharge port (after the material plate) and the mold of the feed between the special defense to approach the punch mold rather than the feeder side, stagnation Stamping oil into the punch feeder, and the feeder out of the plate on the oil must be timely to clean up.
Before the use of punching stamping production, the first need to locate the mold, stamping industry is now commonly used in the form of positioning there are two, one is fixed in the punch mold two bolts, the installation of three positioning plate stamping processing positioning; Is in each punch molds are installed on a positioning ruler for positioning, the two positioning methods are in use are not a small drawbacks of life:

1, the treatment of positioning ruler, need to loosen the two fixed screw, need to re-fixed punch mold, which not only brings a lot of trouble to manipulate, but also affect the punch punch accuracy.

2, because the three positioning plate and the structure of the notice, in the actual stamping easy to be used by the impact of material migration, resulting in material processing size display deviation, so the need to loose bolts under regulation, it affects punching punching accuracy and accuracy.

3, in each punch mold are installed on a positioning scale, which not only to the punching mold processing to bring a greater amount of responsibility and the cost of a substantial supplement, but also to the punch mold construction inconvenience.

In order to fundamentally deal with the inconvenience of the existing punch die positioning problems, IPM CNC machine for punch presses arranged a new type of positioning scale, the blue of the occasion to use only loose adjustment bolt, the positioning scale with mold material can be transferred to the positioning scale , The complete structure is simple, easy to use, accurate positioning, to promote stamping production efficiency and product quality and other cheap, is the most desirable punch positioning method.
CNC machine tool developed by the new mold positioning device is fixed by the positioning scale, moving the main frame and adjust the bolt from the entangled, of which, the punching die positioning device moving the main frame by two adjustment bolts fixed on the right side of the press table, positioning scale fixed In the right main chute of the main frame, when loosening the two adjusting bolts on the lower main chute, the positioning scale can be adjusted with the height of the punching die. Under the left and right mobile positioning, accurate positioning, proper.

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