Three – dimensional CNC drilling machine for power requirements

The rapid development of high-speed processing technology, three-dimensional CNC drilling machine CNC system part of the operating data, set the data and processing procedures are generally stored in the RAM memory, the system power, the backup battery or lithium battery to maintain. , Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine downtime is relatively long, plug the power supply or memory may cause data loss, the system can not run.
At the same time, because the three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine uses the three-phase alternating current 380V power source, the security is also the important link in the preliminary work of the three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine installation. For the above reason, the following three-
First, the grid voltage fluctuations should be controlled between +10% ~ -15%, while China’s large power fluctuations, poor quality, but also hidden such as high-frequency pulse of this type of interference, coupled with human factors (such as Power outages, etc.) during peak hours, such as during the day or before work hours and nights, often more tolerance, or even up to ± 20% .The machine accessory alarm and can not work properly, and three-dimensional CNC drilling machine power system damage, and even lead to the loss of the parameters of the data, etc. This phenomenon in the CNC machining centers or turning centers and other machine tools have occurred, and the frequency of occurrence should be taken seriously.
If it is necessary to supply other parts of the electrical equipment (such as electronic circuits, electromagnetic clutches) from other sources, it is advisable that they be taken from, as far as possible, from the devices that form part of the mechanical electrical equipment (Such as transformers, transducers, etc.) For large complex machinery, including many working together in a coordinated manner and occupying a larger space, it may be necessary to have more than one power source, as determined by the configuration of the field power supply.
The handle of the power cut-off switch should be easily accessible and should be installed between 0.6M and 1.9M above the easy-to-operate position. The upper limit is recommended to be 1.7M, so that the power supply can be cut off rapidly in an emergency situation to reduce losses and casualties.
Three, three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine For the compressed air supply system requirements, three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine generally use a lot of pneumatic components, so the plant should access clean, dry compressed air supply system network, its flow and pressure should meet the requirements. The air should be installed far away from the CNC machine tools.According to the layout of the plant, the size of gas consumption, should be considered to the compressed air supply system network installation of frozen air in the coal machine, air filters, gas tank, safety valve and other equipment.
Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine for the work environment requirements Precision CNC equipment generally have the requirements of constant temperature environment, only in the constant temperature conditions, in order to ensure accuracy and machine tool.

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