Wrong step on the button switch 17-year-old boy risk their lives

Some time ago to work in Anhui 17-year-old boy Shen small army (a pseudonym) bent over picking up things, inadvertently use the foot switch to step on the press start, and leaning on the left hand of the punch just on the gear … … gear moment, The left hand of the three fingers were cut root. Fortunately, the reaction of workers was neat, and soon the fingers wrapped around and sent to the hospital, the final three fingers are connected. Last night, the Shenyang Military Region General Hospital orthopedic surgeon Liang Jiulong said that although the future small army left hand function may be affected custom drilling machine, but if recovered well may not affect.

For such an accident is not uncommon, go out is to earn some money to support the family more difficult, if it is also worthless to take on life, no matter what the situation should put the first security. Xiaobian here to introduce you to a set of security rules for punching: Safe operation: Punch has many different types copper busbar machine, there are many different requirements in the processing, the operator should first according to the actual processing conditions to develop a targeted, practical and reliable safety procedures, and in strict accordance with the provisions of operating. The most basic safety operation will have such requirements: first check before starting the equipment control parts, clutches, brakes and other effective state, check the safety protection device intact; check the crank slider body with or without abnormalities Roller Stand, is strictly prohibited equipment operation; Before the formal operation, it is necessary to have an empty operation phase to ensure that the equipment can be put into normal production. Before the operation, the workbench will be cleaned up and the necessary tools will be ready. During the equipment operation, the surrounding people will not be allowed. Should immediately turn off the power to restore the clutch to the operator state, the brake is in the braking state; punch need maintenance, maintenance, should turn off the power, and start the switch at the warning signs.

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